Explore Taal

So first things first, Here’s our Gang. From Left to Right it’s Erika, Kuya Arman (our daddy yo lol), Aprielle, Ej, Yanic, Ria (me) Ricky, Ral and Kate.
It’s been a long time since my first post about my adventure. Marami-rami pakong napuntahan after that, couldn’t find time to post it lang. Sorry, but I’m praying to make some time for this to help you out (If I’m helping) Haha.DSC_4520

For those of you na interested to trek taal, here’s a guide. Bear with me as I’m still amateur at doing this kinda thing. 🙂

That was February when we toured Yanic and Ricky :), our supervisors from Jamaica site to Taal’s crater. It was all our first time to explore it. It was indeed a freakin’ hot adventure (Bulkan eh asahan mo?) Lol.
Nagcommute kami to let them experience the traffic here in the Philippines. From Ayala to Coastal PHP 12.00/head. Then from south provincial bus terminal sa coastal mall, we took the bus heading to Olivarez Tagaytay worth PHP 72.00/head. Pagbaba sa Olivarez may mag ooffer don na tricycle drivers pababa going to Port ranging from PHP 250-350.00. Since marami kami we had 2 trikes PHP 250.00 each trike. Tamang Haggle lang. 🙂

When we reached the Port , kita na namin beauty of Taal Volcano from the same level of perspective. From there we talked to Ate (Apologies coz I didn’t get the name of the resort and the contact person. But the trike drivers will recommend you to one of them) and Haggle the cost for the boat ride going to Taal’s foot.
Here’s the view from the port:
So here are the damages:
•PHP 6,900 for 2 Boats coz each boat capacity is 6 so we split in to two since there’re 9 of us.
Cottage for pahinga/waiting area & Tour Guide Fee.
Meal, water and Horse ride.
You have an option to trek your way up to the crater or just ride a horse for PHP 500 back & forth.
•PHP 100 for Tablang pantawiran by Nanay (didn’t get a chance to take a photo of her *sorry*) you will need her tabla para di  mabasa shoes niyo pagbaba sa pampang.
•Tip for your Tour Guide.
Here are more pics from the port: 

We did not expect na magiging windy ang ride na ito. Lol.
I suggest bring extra set of clothes, coz the water from the lake might hug you big time. #LOL.

Here’s the trail. There’s a total of 14 stations. Steep, Smelly Horse sh**,  & freaking Hot it burned our skin lol jk. But what I love the most in trekking is the fulfillment, Iba kapag andon kana, nakikita mo resulta ng bawat paghihirap mo sa pag-akyat. Peace and Serenity, yan personally ang nagdadrive sakin para mag-explore more, travel more. Bonus na yung #feedgoals and #travelgoals. Nothing beats the smell of the Nature.
I won’t give you Taal Facts. Let the tour guides do their jobs. LOL. Amazing eh?
All of the photos are owned by yours truly.
And what’s a breath-taking view without a groupie huh?
1 Fact that I can still remember: Taal Volcano’s steam can boil an egg. 🙂 coz you’re trekking a volcano so expect na there’ll be a steam on your way up.

Couldn’t believe na I’m on the Volcano’s crater! Such a gem near the metro.
For this adventure I wanna thank Yanic Barret and Ricky for being so sport and generous. Kudos! Hope to see you both again and Looking forward for another amazing trip.
Photos by: Ria Brines
Check out my IG for more: @iyangiyang
For questions you can email me at airbrines@gmail.com


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